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Marx and Engels' Writings

1837:The Young MarxMarx
1842:Communism and the Augsburg Allgemeine ZeitungMarx
1843:Letters to Arnold RugeMarx
1844:Economic and Philosophic ManuscriptsMarx
1844:Contribution to the Critique of Hegel's Philosophy of RightMarx
1844:On The Jewish QuestionMarx
1844:Critical Notes on "The King of Prussia"Marx
1845:Theses on FeuerbachMarx
1847:Communist LeagueMarx
1847:Principles of CommunismEngels
1847:The Poverty of PhilosophyMarx
1848:The Communist ManifestoMarx/Engels
1848:Communism, Revolution, and a Free PolandMarx
1848:On the Question of Free TradeMarx/Engels
1849:Wage-Labor and CapitalMarx
1850:England's Seventeenth-Century RevolutionMarx/Engels
1852:The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis NapoleonMarx
1853:The Duchess of Sutherland and SlaveryMarx
1857:Contribution to a Critique of Political EconomyMarx
1858:Pre-Capitalist Economic FormationsMarx
1864:International Working Men's AssociationMarx
1867:Poland and the Russian MenaceMarx
1868:Synopsis of CapitalEngels
1869:Landed PropertyMarx
1871:The Civil War in FranceMarx
1871:Interview with the WorldMarx
1871:Persecutions at the Hands of the French GovernmentJenny Marx
1872:On AuthorityEngels
1875:Critique of the Gotha Programme Marx
1877:Socialism: Utopian and ScientificEngels
1879:Strategy and Tactics of the Class StruggleMarx/Engels
1879:Interview with the TribuneMarx
1882:Bruno Bauer and Early ChristianityEngels
1883:Speech at the Grave of Karl MarxEngels
1886:Ludwig Feuerbach and the End of Classical German PhilosophyEngels
1887:The Housing QuestionEngels
1894:The Peasant Question in France and GermanyEngels
1895:Law of ValueEngels

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